Section Bending

For over 40 years, Midland Alloy has developed and perfected specialist skills in aluminium section bending, tube bending and rolling.

Close up of bent aluminium extrusions in wooden box
3-dimensional bent aluminium tube


As specialists in metal forming, we can bend aluminium extrusions, tubes and bars to tight tolerances. Other metals, such as steel, can also be processed.


By producing custom bend tooling for each project, we ensure your parts are manufactured in an accurate and cost-effective way.


Rotary draw bending

For both standard and custom sections, rotary draw bending produces precision results for both large and small radii.

CNC tube bending

CNC tube bending is ideal for manipulating aluminium tube into accurate shapes.

Stretch forming

Better suited to larger parts, stretch forming is also more cost effective than other bending methods.

Roll bending

Roll bending is mostly used for our architectural products and covers the efficient manufacture of large radius bends.

Extrusion supply

Using our network of quality approved extruders, we can also supply aluminium extrusions for you.

Technical advice

We offer technical advice at all stages of product development for total customer support.

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